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Saturday, 13 February 2010


The Bombed Out Church, Liverpool, UK, (February)

St Paul's was built in 1831, it suffered bomb damage during the Blitz in May 1941... it was decided that this haunting building should never be repaired - it was left in its damaged yet perfect state, as a place of tranquillity and thoughtfulness, nestled within the hubbub of a modern busy city...

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  1. Your posts are not showing up in my bloglines account, so I try to come here once a week to catch up. This one is very beautiful. You should send it in to Time/Life and see if they'll publish it. Very haunting and very lovely.

  2. Abi, I'm so happy that I found your blog!! My computer crashed and I lost everything but I just restarted my blog and saw you were a follower. I didn't even know I had followers!
    I love black and white photos and this one is as Karen comment's haunting. I'm going to enjoy seeing all the post's I missed. This is a new blog isn't it? Did you finish with school? I'm so happy I found your blog again. Last post I saw you were taking a train ride on vacation. I have alot of catching up to do. Mary

  3. Hi Mary! I'm so sorry I didn't see your comments, doh! I have neglected the blog terribly, I haven't graduated, I'm embarking on a part time physics degree at present!

    I hope you're doing ok xxx