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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

Some of the many stained glass windows inside

I took my littlest to see the catholic cathedral yesterday morning, the sky was an amazing bright blue and the light was perfect for photos so we set off in a happy mood to have an adventure. We got to the cathedral and Mimi was antsy to get inside so I took just a few shots of the front then we found the ramp and went inside...

We had to use the lift to get to the top level (this cathedral also has an amazing crypt), the lift was noisy and old and we were chattering away, then the door open and a heavy silence enveloped us. The inside of the main part of the cathedral is almost indescribable - it's circular, and there are windows of many shapes, sizes and colours, the ceiling has a dome of stained glass that looks like shards of a thousand hues of light. The colours hang in the air in shafts, and there are many small offshoot chapels with more coloured windows. Mimi was absolutely entranced for over an hour!

It's beautiful but very hard to photograph - my camera turned around and said 'Abi you're going to have to use manual focus for all these shots, I just cannae do it captain!' so this was a real trial of what I'd remembered from the manual!

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  1. It always strikes me, when looking at a church or cathedral now, how very much it looks like a castle or crown. Much like a monarchy. Then again, kings and queens were decided by the popes back in the day, so it's fitting, I suppose. Beautiful images, Abi.

  2. Hi Abi, I love this picture, it is haunting, I love black and white photos.
    Did you graduate? What kind of camera did you purchase? I'm so glad I found your blog, my computer crashed and I had stopped blogging. I just started it up again and found your address on my blog....I'm going to enjoy all the posts I missed. Mary