Photography with a feminine touch...

Monday, 8 February 2010


A sepia shot of Croxteth Hall...

January 2010, Croxteth Hall, Liverpool

I love this building, it has so many different angles and architectural types... I really like seeing couples get married here, they must get so many lovely shots!

I usually wander around the outside of the building and imagine myself living there, being driven around in a horse drawn carriage, riding my horse through the grounds, and inevitably daydreaming of the lovely dresses I'd wear, but this time I had to concentrate on taking photos teehee...

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  1. God, I wish we had buildings like that here... What a gorgeous shot, Abi.

  2. I absolutely ADORE the title photo. You have the most angelic kids!!!

  3. Aww thanks Karen, they are very photogenic, although trying to shoot Theo can be really hard work because he's usually a blur of activity and also his glasses are usually hanging somewhere bizarre on his face due to the running about :D

    I love the architecture we have here, Liverpool is a brilliant place for it, old and new and ancient and falling to pieces too, and a bit of the weird and wonderful thrown in *chooses her next shot* hmmmmm